Fender Mustang I (V2) 20 Watt Combo Amp



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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Mustang I is a 20-watt closed-back combo with an 8” Special Design speaker that sounds great and pumps serious volume. It contains 24 highly accurate on-board amp presets with tones from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion and a bank of 24 built-in effects including chorus flanging phasing tremolo vibratone step filter reverb echo octaver and more — 12 modulation effects and 12 delay and reverb effects in all. It’s great for practice and jam sessions and an 1/8” headphone jack lets you play loud even if only for yourself.

Further connect Mustang I to your computer with free Fender FUSE software. Open up a world of possibilities including on-screen parameter control deep editing additional effects unlimited preset storage online preset swapping with the Fender FUSE community and free Fender artist presets. An optional single-button footswitch controls two quick-access presets.


  • Model Name: Mustang™ I
  • Series: Mustang™
  • Amplifier Type: Solid State
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 20 Watts
  • Inputs: One
  • Auxiliary Input: 1/8” Stereo Input Jack
  • Headphone Jack: 1/8 Headphone Jack
  • Line Out: Speaker Emulated USB Output; 1/8” Headphone Jack Doubles as Speaker Emulated Line Out
  • Channels: One channel (with 24 presets)
  • Power Handling: 20 Watts
  • Controls: Gain Volume Treble Bass Master Preset Select Modulation Select Delay/Reverb Select Save Button Exit Button Tap Tempo Button
  • Front Panel: Black Front Panel
  • Grill Cover Cloth: Carbon Tweed Textured Vinyl with Silver Grille Cloth
  • Output Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Speaker: 1-8 Fender® Special Design Speaker
  • Additional Comments: 24 effects in two categories easily and instantly selected and adjusted with a twist of only two knobs. 12 modulation effects (chorus deep chorus flanger bias/sine tremolo optical/vintage tremolo optical vintage tremolo fast vibratone slow vibratone fast octaver phaser slow deep phaser medium step filter) 12 delay and reverb effects (tape delay 150ms/1 repeat stereo tape delay 300ms/3 repeats mono delay 700ms/4 repeats small room reverb plate reverb large hall reverb Fender ’63 spring reverb Fender ’65 spring reverb tape delay room tape delay large hall ducking delay small hall echo filter
  • Unique Features: Amp modeling; distortion; 24 onboard presets (unlimited storage with computer); USB connectivity for user programming and audio recording output; auxiliary input for media player; chromatic tuner; Fender® FUSE™ application for deep editing preset storage patch swapping and free artist content; additional effects including fuzz pitch shifter and touch wah with even more available through Fender FUSE; Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender Edition studio-quality recording software compatible with Mustang USB recording output; AmpliTube® Fender LE software
  • FootSwitch: Optional 1-Button Footswitch for Toggling 2 Quick Access Presets (P/N 099-4049-000)