Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem2 Stereo Tremolo / Auto-Panner Pedal




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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Fulltone Custom Shop Supa Trem 2 (ST-2) Pedal
Why are there so many multi-function modulation pedals popping up?

Because there's a DIGITAL SOUND PROCESSING chip (DSP for short) pedal makers use creating the effect that costs about $1..that's why.

Fulltone doesn't use DSP chips because they prefer ANALOG they guess they're old fashioned and they don't want their great sounding guitar signal converted to digital by a budget Analog-to-Digital Converter running on low voltage processed with a $1 DSP converted again back to analog with a budget Digital-to-Analog converter on the way out the pedal. It all Sounds too cold and I can feel them because budget A/D & D/A converters track poorly. Now think of that process happening again and again if you have multiple DSP pedals.

The Supa-Trem has been an extremely successful pedal for Fulltone over the last 15 years partly due to the TONE of the circuit which has a very good sounding JFET amplifier at its heart.

Another key ingredient has been the Fulltone Opto-1 photocells that Fulltone designed and have made...they have the optimal resistance range as well as the correct rise and fall times for all speeds required for a great Tremolo design.

A while back Fulltone started wondering what would happen if they took two completely separate Supa-Trem circuits and joined them together! Not fake-stereo like other Tremolo Chorus Phase Flanger etc pedals which simply invert the signal at the output and send it to another jack. Two identical circuits in TRUE-STEREO with two INs and two OUTs!

Can you get True-Stereo from MONO in?

Yes! And both amps are still live when the ST-2 is turned OFF with no tone loss due to its hi-quality JFET buffered outputs. The ST-2 is the IDEAL device to place at the end of your chain...run cables as long as you want use it as your amp splitter.


Fulltone Gave each channel a N.O S. Fairchild 2N5484 JFET as the very first thing your guitar hits...Fulltone just LOVE the way these feel and sound.

They Gave it Tap Tempo with speeds so slow that it takes 6+ seconds to pan between the outputs or speeds in excess of 200bpm...

They Gave it a Phase Correlation knob so that you can throw the outputs ANY degree IN or OUT of Phase with each other... you've never heard it believe me it's GREAT with a hint of naturally occurring Harmonic Phase-shift as your guitar pans between the amps (with knob set full-OUT of phase) Or one massive throbbing Tremolo with no panning when knob set full IN-phase! Or then there's 12 o'clock which is hard to describe. Look even if you're not a huge tremolo fan the ST-2 is the most tuneful and slowest AUTO-PANNER ever made so it is the ideal device for the foundation of a great stereo rig.

Gave it an external Volume control with 15db of available Boost... turn down the Mix control and this pulls double-duty as one of the finest Clean boosts ever just do some web-research on how legendary the Supa-Trem is for it's SOUND.

Gave it a 3-way Waveform switch...
Gave it a standard pure SINE wave for your everyday gigs...
True SQUARE wave... for brutally abrupt and choppy at any speed with any amount of distortion something the most Tremolo pedals cannot do including the old Supa-Trems...

Gave it a proprietary (yours-truly crafted) Warble waveform that's not on ANY other tremolo. Inspired by the Leslie and vintage Univibe rhythms ... so organic and rollicking that you will not want to turn it off!...

Fulltone call it a Supa-Trem2.

It's only at select Fulltone Custom Shop Dealers right now 100% handmade in California.