Gretsch G9420 Broadkaster Supreme Banjo





FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

The Gretsch G9420 Broadkaster Supreme banjo is the result of over 120 years of instrument building expertise that has been channeled into one of the finest banjos ever created.

The gorgeous flame maple resonator back gives the Broadkaster Supreme impressive volume and a distinctively rich bright banjo tone. Not just that but the resonator back guarantees that classic bluegrass sound. Couple with a 3-ply maple rim the tone and punch from the body is given plenty of clout.

The 3-piece maple/walnut/maple neck is incredibly comfortable to play along thanks to the vintage soft U-shaped profile. Vintage B&D profile inlays guide your way along the sumptuous rosewood fretboard home to 22 frets.

Tuning integrity is upheld by the nickel-plated geared planetary tuning machines offering peerless reliability. A vintage-style clamshell tailpiece ensures the strings meet the body in the most secure way possible giving them the ability to endure whatever you through at them whilst performing.

The Broadkaster Supreme isn't just a resonator banjo. It is a fine representative of Gretsch's banjo building history. Every effort has been made to deliver the highest quality instrument possible at the most affordable price possible so that more people can appreciate this cherished design.