IK Multimedia IN-AMAC-DID-IN ST3 - American Acoustic American Acoustic Library [Download]

IK Multimedia



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

American Acoustic is the latest audiophile instrument library for SampleTank 3. They searched high and low to track down an exceptionally great sounding vintage Martin® D28* with its famous spruce top and mahogany neck. It’s hard to find a bad sounding guitar of this model, but they wanted the very best one they could get. They then recorded the guitar in the IK studios in Modena, Italy using the best microphones, preamps and converters available for the project. They tried many vintage and classic mics and preamps, but the best result came from a super-clean modern pairing of a Schoeps® CMC* small diaphragm condenser microphone and a Prism® Orpheus* preamp / interface.


  • Over 2GB of content
  • More than 2,000 samples


  • The SampleTank 3 sound libraries require SampleTank 3 or SampleTank 3 SE (version 3.5 or later).