Image Line IL Hardcore [Download]

Image Line



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

10 classic FX designed for Guitarists
Playing guitar is cool but the steep learning curve to make your DAW sound like your old amp and stomp-boxes definitely is not. Welcome then to Hardcore. These great stomp-boxes can be neatly arranged on the Hardcore pedal board each with it's own distinctive 'hardware' flavour. But wait there's more (as they say) Hardcore includes an 8 band graphic EQ and 5 classic cabinet simulations to tie it all together into one massive sound. You will be feeling at home with Hardcore in no time at all but more importantly sounding like famous musicians.


  • Distortion Chorus Flanger
  • Phaser Reverb Delay
  • Noise Gate Equalizer
  • Compression Modulator


  • 2Ghz Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU
  • Intel CPU or G4 PowerPC (Mac)
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 20 Mb disk space