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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

This set contains a medium size Methodist church with very nice acoustics. There are 21 different mic placements along with (6) 5.1 surround files. Decay time is 3.2 seconds with a very nice reverb tail. Multiple mic placements throughout the room in ORTF and rear facing cards to really give a wide variety and convolution texture. Along with the sanctuary setting we recorded the balcony center right and left along with the hallway leading to the balcony and the foyer with main sanctuary doors open to this area. There are really quite a few different rooms in this set.Some libraries highlight how many mic placements that were recorded with virtually little difference in the sound. With this set and almost any set that you purchase through Impulse Record you can be assurred that you're not only getting top quality but a lot of unique mic placements to guarantee you that exact sound you are going after - all captured within the same room to keep your production consistent! These were all captured via swept sine wav and captured in pristine 96/24 resolution.