Impulse Record Medium Methodist Church [Download]

Impulse Record

Medium Methodist Church



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Very silky sounding reverb decay. 13 mic positions contained in this set along with all of the 5.1 formatted files ready for your favorite DAW or convolution engine. This is an outstanding set of a brilliantly captured space with lots of uses for post TV acoustic instrumentals. This space measures approx 55' wide by 135' long by 38' high. This room is hard to compete with when applying to acoustic instruments like a piano guitar violin etc.With lots of recorded mic placements including the foyer with doors open from the sanctuary these files are more open and ethereal sounding and are magical on acoustic instruments. All of the recording was done in 96/24 and capture the details of the room very nicely. Hard to go wrong with this set!