Impulse Record Orchestral Hall [Download]

Impulse Record

Orchestral Hall



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Unique set of impulse response files that includes both the stage and auditorium in 5.1 along with all of the stereo mic positions and with a close to 6 second reverb in the entrance foyer! `Decay time is close to 2 seconds in the auditorium and around 1.5 on stage with some of the auditorium sneaking in. Combined these files sound terrific and you feel as if you are really at this performance hall! These are all in 96/24 with a total of 30 files. Multiple files recorded in ORTF and rear facing cardiod mic pick up patterns for a nice wide stereo response. Small condensor diaphragm mics used to minimize off axis coloration. Nice sounding hall - certainly not large but sounds great on an intimate piano solo violin and vocals. The two included 5.1 sets used in conjunction are simply stunning!