IndigiSounds Steelpans [Download]





FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Authentic Trinidad Steel Pans Samples
IndigiSounds takes the power of the Steelpan sound a step further by bringing you the first ever sample library to capture the entire range of the conventional Steelpan and its performance criteria. Indigisounds users will be able to access the samples for live performances as well as for arrangement/production services. Digitally produces the sound of the Caribbean’s indigenous instruments to the rest of the world.


  • Package includes the option to access velocity control transposition extended instrument ranges and ADSR envelope A library of single strikes (5 velocity layers) A library of 2 roll speeds (3 velocity layers each)
  • Bonus feature sampled “engine room” instruments found in a typical steel orchestra.
  • Playback capability for music notation software and Digital Audio Workstations using KONTAKT PLAYER as a VST or AU plugin.
  • Samples were critiqued by Steelpan tuners and users in Trinidad and Tobago spiritual home of the steelpan.
  • Unlike the physical instrument samples do not require periodic specialist re-tuning.
  • 1 Low C Tenor/Soprano
  • 1 Low C Bore Tenor/Soprano
  • 1 Low D Tenor/Soprano
  • 2 Double Tenors
  • 2 Double Seconds
  • 1 Double Guitar
  • 1 Triple Cello
  • 2 Four Cellos
  • 1 Quadraphonic
  • 1 Tenor Bass
  • 1 Six Bass
  • 1 Percussion set consisting of 4 irons 2 congas 1 pan skirt 1 cow bell 1 toc-toc 1 triangle & 1 scratcher – (4 velocity layers for each)