JangleBox JB Nano Compressor/Treble Booster Pedal

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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

JangleBox JB Nano Compressor/Treble Booster Pedal
For the past few years quite a few customers have asked if we would consider creating a smaller version of the JangleBox compressor. We saw many players  adding a second smaller pedal board to their rig so we turned this assignment over to Paul Graham at MFG Manufacturing in Massachusetts. Being a guitar player himself Paul knew just what we wanted and how to achieve it while retaining that great JangleBox sound. This is one pocket rocket that delivers well above its weight class. The JB Nano with  dynamic treble boost is an indispensable compressor you don't want to be without.

  • You want the foot-switch access to the treble boost of a JB2 or JB3 but don't need the EQ or other stuff? (And don't want to spend the extra $$$). The JB Nano is your pedal.
  • You want to keep the JangleBox sound in your rig but real estate space on your pedal board is getting tight. Swap your regular JangleBox for a JB Nano on your pedal board and leave the JB in your studio.
  • You've been curious to try the legendary double compression recording technique used by Roger McGuinn in the Byrds but don't want two full-sized compressors. Here's your chance to do it with small footprint.
  • You're a musician who uses only a JangleBox and a maybe second pedal — overdrive or delay for instance. If that's your set-up then forget about a pedal board altogether and just throw a JB Nano in your guitar case.