JangleBox Reissue Compression/Sustainer Pedal

Jangle Box



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JangleBox Reissue Compression/Sustain Pedal
Nine years and thousands of satisfied customers later there was no reason to reinvent the wheel but JangleBox did add some subtle tweaks that make this unique pedal even better: a more stable IC chip a more standardized power polarity and an enclosure that sits a bit closer to your pedal board.

Best of all they brought the JangleBox home. Handmade in the USA once again this simple plug-in/play compression pedal creates a bold sustain that will give your Ric Tele Strat — whatever the guitar — remarkable presence. Unlike pedals that clip or distort the original signal the JangleBox expands the compression “sweet spot” to maintain a clean even tone with true bypass.

  • Dark Normal Bright Options
  • Output/Input
  • Gain/Attack control knobs