Keeler Sound R1001MC Rewave Medium Contour Natural Preamp

Keeler Sound


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The ReWave Natural Preamp is a perfect fit for your acoustic nylon, steel string and bass guitars. Engineered to eliminate feedback and soundwave bottle necking, which is a common plague to most acoustic instruments, causing sluggish soundboard production, muddiness, harsh, shrill mids and highs. They set out to not only make an anti-feedback unit work perfectly, but to produce a perfectly balanced acoustic guitar sound, enriched with noticeable clear tight bass, smooth mids and silky smooth highs. ReWave is unmatched in maintaining your original acoustic guitar tone during live amplification or recording in the studio.This will cut your soundcheck, pre or post production time in half.


  • Crafted in USA
  • Maple tone wood
  • Naval Brass
  • Comes with a solid wood adjustable diaphragm
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Medium to heavy feedback control
  • Great tone
  • Application: Classical, Steel string, or Bass guitar
  • Fits 3.450 – 3.850 inch sound hole (88-98mm) - contour