Keeler Sound RDSCF1001S ReWave Small Carbon Fiber Slotted Diaphragm

by Keeler Sound
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The Slotted Carbon Fiber Diaphragm can be used as an optional attachment on any ReWave Series Processor for acoustic guitar or bass guitar. The slotted carbon fiber diaphragm has a very quick response time, creating a tighter compression and faster attack when the guitar is strummed harder. This can be used on any kind of song, but is best suited for faster songs, or harder strummed songs. These scenarios are only a guide and can be modified by the placement of the diaphragm itself and your own mix and match experiments.


  • Crafted in USA
  • Maple tone wood chassis
  • Slotted Carbon fiber
  • For use with ReWave Sound Processor for Acoustic Guitar or Bass
  • Controls feedback
  • Ultra airy high end
  • Faster attack
  • Removes muddiness
  • Great punchy bass notes
  • Application: Classical guitar, Steel String guitar, Bass guitar

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