Keeler Sound RU1001S Small Rewave Ukulele Preamp

by Keeler Sound
$ 130.00


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The ReWave Natural Preamp for Ukulele is the world's first and only tone enhancer and feedback suppressor for Ukuleles. This revolutionary and futuristic product will solve all your feedback and sub-par acoustic and electric tone problems. Most Uke players know the G and A notes get drowned out and are harder to hear during performances. This product equalizes the notes and allows your Ukulele to have a full range of tone. The mounting system requires no special tools and no modifications. It will provide a snug fit without dampening your sound board.

The ReWave Ukulele Processor is specially designed to bridge the gap between live performance and the recording studio.

All units protect against feedback, enhance your natural harmonics and lay down a wide spectrum of beautiful, perfectly balanced sound, bringing you the TONE JUSTICE you deserve.


  • Fits 1.875 - 2.000 inch sound hole
  • Crafted in USA
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made from tone wood
  • Naval brass
  • Heavy feedback control without dampening
  • No tools and no mods needed for easy installation
  • Equalizes your tone

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