Keeley Psi Fuzz Guitar Pedal



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Keeley Psi Fuzz Guitar Pedal

They set out to take a classic design with lots of history and make it obviously something new. They took the op-amp version of old PI and inverted one of the stages, brought out the midrange, tightened the bass, and most importantly, added a Germanium transistor output! Yes, this is a opamp-transistor hybrid. Don’t be miffed by op-amps in your pie folks, the germanium touch at the end makes everyone smile around the shop here.

They wanted to celebrate their 12th pedal of the year by offering it in two forms. Two choices, 1) Custom Art in a late 1960’s style or 2) Greek Gold Deco. The first is hand drawn by Erin Lofties. Her stunning artwork looks out of the 60’s and was completed this week specifically for this pedal. Then then Gold Brick Greek God model. Stripped down, simple and clean.