Keith McMillen QuNeo Pad Controller

Keith McMillen




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

As small as an iPad and more powerful than any other MIDI controller you've ever played QuNeo makes beats launches clips remixes and reinvents your musical world. KMI's Smart Sensor technology makes QuNeo sensitive to gesture in 3 dimensions; Pressure X and Y location information combine to give you an unprecedented degree of control and nuance. With such an open architecture this is one controller that can do it all. Out of the box QuNeo works with over 30 of your favorite music software programs. QuNeo is constructed from elastomeric and sonically-welded composites. Ruggedly built and very durable.

QuNeo is the key to capturing creativity when and wherever it strikes. Lightweight yet durable enough to tumble around in your backpack; simple to use yet programmable beyond imagination – QuNeo is a must for musicians looking to get the most out of their controllers. With QuNeo’s dynamic playability and stunning LED visual feedback bring the creative process off the screen and into your hands.

QuNeo offers a functionally elegant meld of the classic and the cutting-edge in music technology. Rooted in history with its 4x4 pad array sliders and rotary control yet propelled into the future by our Smart Fabric sensors which sense pressure position and velocity. QuNeo will liberate your creative experience no matter how you choose to work.


  • Revolutionary: QuNeo marks a breakthrough in pad controller design and adaptability, allowing you to create and perform when you want, how you want.
  • Smart Fabric: With their Smart Fabric sensor layer under each pad, QuNeo can interpret even the most subtle shift in velocity, pressure, and finger position.
  • Road Proof: They've spilled drinks on it, dropped it onto cement from two stories up, and even ran it over with their truck. With no moving parts, the QuNeo is unbreakable.