Korg SV-1 73 Key Stage Piano - Black



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Let's begin with Piano. The SV-1BK contains not just one but multiple piano sounds including a Japanese Grand Piano a German Grand Piano an authentic upright and more. Then there is the Vintage. The SV-1BK Stage Vintage Piano offers the most rewarding compendium of electro-mechanical transistorized tape-driven analog and early digital keyboards ever available in a single instrument. Crafted using Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology; each sound is a detailed and authentic re-creation accurately capturing the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. But for Korg even that is not enough. The SV-1BK also provides access to the effect pedals amplifiers speaker cabinets and studio techniques that gave these sounds their original shine. Together they provide fingertip access to the sounds that defined generations of popular keyboard playing.

  • Vintage FX chain and amp modeling
  • Equalizer (bass middle and treble) Controllable from the front panel the EQ allows you to shape the tonal quality of your sound in real-time.
  • PRE FX (Compression Boost U-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato Tremolo Wah) This section provides the essential effects for pre-treating your sound or adding some vintage vibe with some classic effects modeled by Korg's legendary guitar effects designers.
  • Modulation FX (Chorus Phaser Flanger and Rotary) Some of the most famous stomp-box pedals have been recreated to give you the signature sounds for these legendary timbres. Korg's rotary speaker emulation has long been acclaimed as one of the best faithfully adding nuance and motion to any organ sound.
  • REVERB/DELAY (Room Plate Hall Spring Tape Echo and Stereo Delay) Four types of reverb are provided along with a classic tape-echo plus a tempo-based digital delay – complete with a tap tempo switch.