M-Audio Studiophile CX8 Studio Monitor PAIR (Open Box Unit)


CX8 Pair

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Exceptional design integration for well-balanced sound with superior detail and large sweet spot. The Studiophile CX8 near-field studio monitor extends M-Audio's 20-year legacy of engineering advanced music creation solutions. Designed by their dedicated team of monitor engineers the CX line combines proprietary driver designs custom waveguides seamless crossover integration and advanced Acoustic Space controls. The result is a monitor series with excellent off-axis response minimal distortion an expansive soundstage and the flexibility to adapt to any production space. The Studiophile CX8 speaker brings exceptionally accurate monitoring to any acoustic environment. Image Conscious Most near-field studio monitors require close and specific placement to yield acceptable stereo imaging. Years of research and work with waveguide design culminate in the amazing continuity breadth and depth of the Studiophile CX8 soundstage—even in challenging placement and listening conditions. M-Audio's custom OptImage IV waveguide design improves overall detail and clarity. It also controls the dispersion pattern of the mids and highs offering a much wider soundstage than traditional waveguides. As a result the M-Audio CX8 monitor delivers an accurate detailed representation of your mix with a remarkably broad sweet spot. Tailor the Speaker to Your Room Your listening environment and speaker placement greatly impact the performance of your monitors. To ensure effective monitoring in your unique production space the Studiophile CX8 monitor offers Acoustic Space controls for tailoring each speaker to your room. Acoustic Space settings include -4dB -2dB and Flat—and the monitor also features LF Cutoff MF Boost and HF Trim switches for additional customization. These settings help to optimize frequency response within even the most difficult acoustic environments. Features 1.25 silk-dome high-frequency driver with oversized voice coil and rear chamber 8 Kevlar long-excursion low-frequency driver with high-damping rubber surround Acoustic Space controls optimize frequency response for your production space Bi-amplified class A/B amplifier with external heat sink recessed mounting and 14-gauge wiring to the transducers: 80 watts RMS for lows 40 watts RMS for highs Contoured front baffle with integral OptImage IV waveguide Balanced combo input (XLR and 1/4 TRS); RCA unbalanced input Power and volume controls Ultra-solid 1 front and rear MDF baffles and 3/4 MDF wrap with optimized internal bracing Rear-firing port with internal flare to minimize air turbulence Elegant lacquer paint with soft-touch painted faceplate Recessed amplifier mounting