Mackie ProDX8 8-Channel Wireless Digital Mixer





FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

ProDX Series mixers bring powerful wireless digital mixing and streaming to lower channel counts with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that looks great anywhere. With an essential mixing toolkit and powerful processing plus convenient hardware level control, ProDX is the ultra-compact mixer for the next generation.

Perfect for solo performers, small bands, venues and commercial applications, the ProDX Series combines the wireless control and mixing tools of advanced digital mixers with an incredibly compact and intuitive design that anyone can master. With powerful built-in processing like EQ and compression per channel and great-sounding ReadyFX™ effects, your next performance will sound better than ever. Plus, with Bluetooth® streaming, you can wirelessly play back music or backing tracks right from your phone.


  • The ultra-compact proDX series mixers are perfect for mixing on the fly in dimly lit or tight spaces. With their clean and professional single knob front panel design, you get instant access to level adjustments for any input ot outout at the touch of a button. And with the integrated control bridge you have the perfect place to set your phone when streaming music and mixing via the MixerConnect app.
  • Great for solo performers or small bands that have no dedicated engineer and often need to mix from the stage, the MixerConnect app for iOS and Android offers total wireless control and unlocks powerful mixing tools. Plus, with Blutooth streaming, you can wirelessly play back music or backing tracks right from your phone
  • ProDX Series mixers are equipped with all the essential tools you need to dial in your best mixer ever. Packed with powerful processing like EQ and compression per channel, graphic EQ on all outputs and great-sounding ReadyFX effects. ProDX has everything you need and nothing you don't
  • Equipped with Mackie's Wide-Z preamps, ProDX Series mixers don't require any input gain adjustments making initial setup a breeze. Connect any media player directly via 1/8" stereo input, perfect for when your music source is not bluetooth capable. And ProDX Mixers have all the outputs you need to get your show up and running including main and aux outs plus a headphone output for critical listening or silent practice
  • ProDX Series mixers are incredibly versatile. For performers, singer-songwriters and small bands, ProDX mixers offer the perfect complement of processing power, control and portability. For commercial applications like bars, restaurants, practice spaces and more, ProDX mixers provide the simplicity and ease-of-use required while providing the advanced digital mixing capability when you need it.