Marshall LTD Edition Handwired JTM45 Offset with Cab (11 of 300)(Joe Satriani Private Collection)(Pre-Owned)




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Another pre-owned beauty from the Joe Satriani Private Collection. At the turn of the century (early 2000) Marshall Amplification in England decided to reissue the rarest amplifier the company had ever produced -- the offset JTM45 half stack of which only a handful were ever made back in 1962. The result was the Marshall amplifier offered for sale here: a very rare special limited edition reissue of the incredibly rare offset JTM45 half stack. This reissue was available in a very limited quantity in the USA only (only 300 were made) and sold out before they ever shipped.. This is number #11. Here is what Marshall had to say: Marshall Amplification announces a limited edition reissue of their incredibly rare (only three were originally made) offset JTM45 halfstack (model #2255HS). The reissue will be available in very limited quantities in the USA only.The offset JTM45 halfstack consists of the offset-chassis JTM45 head and 4 x 12 offset speaker cabinet with a semi-openback design. Authentic handwired tagboard circuitry and KT66 power tubes are housed in an aluminum chassis true to the original which was built in 1962. Every effort has been made to preserve the sound and aesthetics of these amplifiers right down to the 12 Celestion Alnico speakers and the extremely rare rectangular metal red block lettered Marshall coffin logo (so-named because the original logos were built by a coffin maker!). The JTM45 also features the same black vinyl covering white/gray grille cloth and white front panel as the original.