MELDA MDrummer Large [Download]





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MDrummer Large is simply the ultimate drum machine and virtual drummer. It makes arranging drum tracks and realtime performances quick and simple and the possibilities are just endless.MDrummer's sound engine can cover the entire wide range of percussion instruments from drums to scratches. Any number of drumsets drums in each drumset layers and effects in each drum with sampling synthesis and some completely unique generators. Whether you are interested in acoustic drums electric drums percussion or effects or any kind of combination MDrummer can do it.MDrummer can generate infinite number of new drumsets by pressing a single button analyze and import your sample libraries merge multiple drumsets and much more. MDrummer is perfect whether you are looking for a traditional style a truly unique sound available by a few clicks or if you are ready to get dirty and explore the depths of the most advanced drum machine in the world.MDrummer truly understands what a rhythm is the way humans do and you have access to everything he knows. It can cover any style and any percussive instrument. MDrummer can play pop drum'n'bass rock r'n'b salsa jungle jazz rumba on congas progress-metal in 11/4 signature...anything you can imagine. MDrummer can generate new rhythms for you merge multiple rhythms add shakers and other background percussion. Humanization shuffling halfe/double tempo & feel and many more advanced features let you transform your ideas into reality by few mouse clicks.You can command MDrummer to play intro groove add fills play more notes at different velocities... MDrummer is just like an incredibly great human drummer except it will obey any orders! You can tell him what to do using the unique MIDI command method integrated sequencer or he can even jam with you! No more clumsy automation MIDI file drag & drop... You can make a great drum track for your arrangement in just a few minutes.We taught MDrummer what humans do when creating new rhythms. All you need to do now is to create a single loop which suits your song. Or well MDrummer can generate a unique one for you. Rhythm generator then takes megabytes of resources and creates the whole rhythm for you. Just the way real drummers do it.We make music but the visual side may inspire or not. MDrummer's user interface is resizable stylable contains context help for everything and the workflow is optimized for maximum speed. All for the ultimate user experience and creativity.
  • More than 6GB of samples multisamples subsample libraries and more
  • 300+ drumsets 2400+ drumset components 900+ samples 600+ multisamples 300+ rhythms 200+ base-rhythms 12000+ loops
  • 5 ultimate sound generators - MSampler MMultiSampler MSynthesizer4NN MSubSampleSynthesizer and MScratcher
  • VST/VST3/AU plugin & standalone application (Windows only)
  • 30 versatile effects - equalizers compressors distortions modulations…
  • Drumset generator & merger
  • Effect generator & merger
  • Ultimate human-like rhythm technology
  • MIDI command method
  • Integrated arrangement sequencer
  • Jamming functionality
  • Rhythm generator & merger

  • Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64)
  • VST/VST3 compatible host
  • Note: use 32-bit plugins for 32-bit hosts even if you are using 64-bit Windows

  • Mac OS X:
  • Mac OS X (10.5+ 32 & 64)
  • VST/VST3/AU compatible host
  • Intel/AMD processor