Menatone King of the Britains British Overdrive/ Distortion Pedal




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Menatone King of the Britains British Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
The King of the Britains is based on the famous '67-'68 Plexi amp that was all the rage in the 1980s... but this King is on steroids! This royal beast can take you from clean to scream at a twist of the gain knob or your guitar's volume. Now don't let the simple tone knob layout fool you... this MK3 version has all the tone of the older Kings and more. This pedal has more focused low end without the ice pick to the ear tone of the later Aluminum panel amps. The new push knob is a mid boost akin to the middle frequency controls of the orginal plexi circuit you can find in a Marshall. This being said you can retain a warm and fat low end while still implementing an attack without smoothing off the top end sparkle. Dynamic and responsive. All hail the king!
  • Full sized CTS pots
  • 1/2 watt carbon comp resistors
  • Rolled polyester caps
  • Audio grade electrolytic cap
  • Charge pump boosted power supply
  • Made in the USA