Flux Five Pedal





FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

The reception for the FLUX-DRIVE’s fat smooth expressive gain has been outstanding among Artists and players alike and with critical praise backing that up around the globe it was an obvious recipient for the enhanced power of the Five Band EQ. Introducing the FLUX-FIVE overdrive a supercharged version of Mesa's popular FLUX-DRIVE that features a shrunk-to-size version of their classic Five Band Graphic EQ and new added versatility thanks to footswitchable HI/LO performance Modes. The LO Gain Mode is the original FLUX-DRIVE in every way and now on this wider platform a new higher gain version of this soulful sound appears in the HI Mode. The Graphic EQ allows the popular “V-Curve” EQ setting to be applied to its layers of thick gain creating a huge wide Heavy Rock or Metal sound that still retains the FLUX’s warm character. The original TREBLE and BASS rotary EQ controls can be used to dial in global enhancements and the combination of the two EQ styles produces signature sounds for any genre. The Graphic EQ can be applied to both HI and LO Gain Modes enabling you to have a global EQ curve or it can be applied to either gain Mode separately allowing you to have two “preset” sounds with different EQ shapes and gain signatures to switch between. A HI TRIM pot allows the volume level of HI to be adjusted in relation to the original LO (FLUX-DRIVE) Mode. However you choose to utilize all this potential the warm rich FLUX-FIVE overdrive is sure to inspire you.