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Pluckey is a virtual analogue synthesizer with top quality antialiased oscillators and huge ultraplucked non linear envelopes specially suited to produce rich and hardly plucked sounds. It can produce very cool chords or stabs as well as plucked leads or basses. It is featured with a selectable swing a sequencer/arpeggiator a tb-303 style sequencer and a gate effect.
  • 5 Oscillators in Total
  • 2 Antialiased Oscillators with Saw Square PWM Square and Triangle waveforms
  • 2 Antialiased Fat Oscillators with highly detunable Saw Square and Triangle waveforms
  • 1 Bonus Waveform Oscillator to load anyway
  • Amp Filter and Pitch Envelopes (non linear)
  • Amp Filter and Pitch LFOs (Vibro)
  • Filter Effect (LP HP BP PK)
  • Tone Equalizator
  • Delay Effect
  • Customized Pitch Bend
  • Assignable Mood Wheel
  • Swing
  • Portamento
  • Sequencer/Arpeggiator with random functions can be used to control note Pitches Velocities or Filter Track values
  • 303 Style Sequencer
  • Gate Sequencer
  • Scale Wizard (Integrated Midi Filtering Tool that permit to stay in harmony with your song play chords and chords scales

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