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Groove Loops Generator
UDLG-1 (Universal Danceable Loop Generator) produce 'no kick'/'groove' loops using Your .wav samples arsenal! save them to .wav files or play them live via your preferred DAW or VST host.UDLG-1 (Universal Danceable Loop Generator) is an Intelligent Universal Danceable Loops Generator. It generate 'No Kick Loops' 'Bottom Loops' 'Groove Loops' 'Perc Loops' of any dance style depending from the array of samples you will load inside any of the 4 stereo channels!

  • Simple Interface to generate thousands of danceable loops & grooves of any kind depending on the sample arrays the user loads
  • With a mouse click a danceable loop will be assigned to each key on your MIDI keyboard
  • Load user wave samples arrays from single shot samples to sampled loops for each channel with one mouse click. Just point to the folders containing the samples or loops or both.
  • Automatic Host synchronization.
  • Playable live loaded inside VST host.
  • Generate loops lines from 1 to 32 steps.

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