OHM Force Ohmboyz [Download]

OHM Force




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Advanced multi-tap delay
Who are the OhmBoyz? 4 predelays injecting into 2 nicely geared delay lines two complete resonant filters distortion and high shelf. Remember a delay is an echoing device. You really should prepare your sound to travel through space along with the OhmBoyz.


  • This delay does not click.
  • LFOs everywhere.
  • Who wants a resonant filter ? high pass low pass band notch wah-wah adjustable bandwidth and resonance from -24dB to +24dB : enough to deafen to death your most respectable neighbours.
  • Serious distortion. Choose between overdrive and puncher... or anywhere in between...
  • A high-shelf filter to shunt the highest sounds useful after heavy distortion.
  • Move several buttons in one move with group selection and side-click.
  • Instant result : with many sequencers (Cubase Orion...) OhmBoyZ adjusts itself to the right tempo and follows any occurring change.
  • MIDI Automation.
  • Useful presets loadable on-the-fly that can be applied instantly or with long or very long transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget.
  • Five effects for the price of one : delays resonant filter distortion high shelf... Use what you want or need. All those effects together provides an unusual result : OhmBoyZ


  • Mac (32/64)
  • Windows (32/64)
  • VST (For Windows and Mac)
  • Audio Units (for Mac only)
  • RTAS (For Windows and Mac)