OHM Force Predatohm [Download]

OHM Force



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

3-band overdrive tool
Predatohm is an effect plug-in that has been fully designed from a simple fact: sometimes you need to make BIG PHAT WILD and WARM sounds.


  • First user-friendly multiband compressor/expandor ever.
  • Choose your weapon: Multiband distortion with many distortion schemes available.
  • Warm bright sound with the guitar feedback generator.
  • Quick and efficient sound shaping provided by the tone setting.
  • Make it wide with the Stereo Expander.
  • Optional High Quality rendering.
  • Integrated preset morphing solution.
  • MIDI Automation : control your Predatohm via MIDI. (this feature is only available on Expert and Propack).


  • Mac (32/64)
  • Windows (32/64)
  • VST (For Windows and Mac)
  • Audio Units (for Mac only)
  • RTAS (For Windows and Mac)