Option 5 Destination Delay X2 Pedal

Option 5



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In-stock: 1504 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA

FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

The Destination Delay x2 is a double delay pedal that faithfully replicates sonically a vintage tape delay. You can either use Delay 1 or 2 separately or Cascade them both together for unbelievable depth and space that will take you to heights previously unimagined! If that is not enough we've added a Wow & Flutter control and a Tone control! This is by far one of the best hand crafted delays available for the money. As always this pedal is RoHS compliant and is hand-built in the USA with the finest components. FEATURES INCLUDE 33 to 620 Milliseconds of vintage delay (each channel) Glide free transition between delay settings True Grit and tape noise (like the real deal) True Bypass Wall adapter included