PG Music Band-in-a-Box Pro For Windows [Download]

PG Music



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

PG Music Band-in-a-Box is a snap to use - just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols (like C Fm7 or C13b9) choose the style you'd like and this incredible software does the rest. Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional quality arrangement of piano bass drums guitar and strings in a wide variety of popular styles (jazz pop country classical and more). It's now easier than ever to get amazing realistic-sounding arrangements straight from your PC.


  • Audio to Chords Reharmonist Soundtrack and Lyric Block functions and screens
  • RealDrums drum samples
  • Chords from MP3 feature
  • TranzPort wireless controller support
  • Auto-memo generation
  • Chord Breaks function
  • Save as MP3 capability
  • Notation enhancements
  • Batch MP3/WAV/WMA generation
  • Includes Style Sets 03 Soloist Set 1 Melodist Set 1 and RealTracks Set 1
  • RealCharts notation for most RealTracks
  • Some Guitar RealTracks also show guitar tablature
  • RealCharts can be saved to MIDI file or Songs (MGU)
  • Audio Chord Wizard Enhanced
  • Artist Names and Bios for RealTracks.
  • Enhanced Melody Wizard
  • Better soloing and rhythm playing that are influenced by the key signature as well as the chords
  • Option for a Simpler arrangement on some RealTracks which avoid embellishments
  • Feature for fills turnarounds post fills and odd/even bars to be at the right place
  • Better playing on the V chord since it is usually played as a V7 chord. Options added to allow a RealTrack to treat the V7 chord as a V (useful in rock styles) or to treat all 7th chords as major triads (useful in blues)
  • Improved handling of CAug CmAug and C7+ chords
  • RealTracks: more fluid playing for complex (jazz) chords like C7b9b13
  • Notation enhancement - patch names displayed on notation leadsheet and printout
  • StylePicker List Enhanced with separate categories for RealTracks Genres (Jazz Pop Country Bluegrass Blues) over 1 000 entries
  • MIDI Driver Dialog Enhanced.
  • Enhanced Chords - Search And Replace Functionality
  • Hotkeys added in the menus


  • Windows 2000 / NT / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk space: Minimum 800 MB for the main Band-in-a-Box and RealBand programs. More space is required for RealTracks depending on which package you buy...
  • RealTracks & RealDrums: ~100-400 MB per set
  • Pro RealCombos: ~6 GB
  • MegaPAK RealCombos: ~12 GB
  • Full UltraPlusPAK/EverythingPAK when installed to internal hard drive: ~80 GB
  • (another ~70 GB is required for the installation files when downloading the UltraPlusPAK or EverythingPAK)
  • Hard Drive versions of the EverythingPAK or UltraPlusPAK do not require any hard disk space when run directly from the external hard drive they are shipped on.
  • DVD drive for shipped versions of the MegaPAK or Pro version.
  • Sound card or MIDI module