PHI Electronics Scion 3 Overdrive Pedal



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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

PHI Electronics Scion 3 Overdrive Pedal
The Scion 3 Overdrive is PHI's tribute to the venerable green '70s overdrive that everyone pays way too much for these days but with a couple of extras. The 3-way switch takes you between three distinct sounds so it's kind of like having three cool overdrive pedals in one! Position one is the classic tone. The middle position takes all the compression out of the circuit so there is a noticable volume boost as well as a very subtle octave effect and position three combines the best of both worlds and a sledgehammer.

  • PHI Electronics offer three selectable clipping diode options are true bypass and use the highest quality components available.
  • Smooth and warm good sustain with plenty of bottom. Lots of gain and headroom.
  • Hand wired true hard bypass of course. Built like a tank.
  • Built by reknowned guitar tech to the stars Scott Appleton.
  • The man is so cool he even throws in the battery!. You can also use a Boss PSA-120 Pedal Power PA-9 Power all etc.
  • All come in custom finishes. Something new everytime! New finishes just arrived. Email for the latest cool paint jobs.
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