PIANOTEQ Rock Piano Add-On [Download]



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The YC5 Rock piano adds a lot of bite to your pop/rock recording and fits beautifully in a mix with drums and electric instruments. Its characteristic bright timbre is adapted for expressive playing and suitable also for some jazz recording sessions. YC5 is modelled from a well known Japanese grand piano frequently seen on stages and widely appreciated by touring artists for its musical qualities and reliability. It is also a popular instrument at conservatories and other music schools. The updated model in Pianoteq 5 refines the attack and soundboard model of YC5 bringing increased clarity and authenticity.
  • Impeccable modeling of a world-class Japanese grand piano
  • Three variants to cover a variety of situations
  • Stage: bright percussive sound that works great in rock and pop tracks as well as ballads
  • Chamber: ideal for solo piano that needs a full rich timbre
  • Studio: the close-miked perspective you often need

  • Requirements
  • Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo OS X 10.5 or later
  • PC: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 Windows 7 Windows 8 Vista XP