PLATINUMSAMPLES Real Country Groove Lib. [Download]



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Following the success of the Real Jazz grooves Real Country is a comprehensive collection of Country Music oriented MIDI drum grooves featuring over one thousand authentic grooves and fills. Feel is everything and all of these MIDI grooves are live recordings with minimal editing to preserve the groove. This gives you the correct feel for this uniquely American music art-form. Real Country is a must have for any singer/song writer and contains both individual groove and song based building blocks to construct any tune. The MIDI grooves included in Real Country cover a wide variety of styles that work with two beats waltzes shuffles train beats ballads bluegrass styles country swing and country rock and Wailin styles at a wide variety of tempos. This collection covers everything from traditional to modern country beats. Real Country also works great for other genres of music. Drums in country music are a support roll and all too often it's not practical to grab a drummer and hit the studio when you come up with an idea for a new tune. Real Country makes it easy to grab the appropriate groove and start recording quickly when inspiration strikes. Perfect for demos and final project recordings alike. This multi-format collection includes grooves formatted for BFD2® BFD Eco® EZDrummer® Superior Drummer® Addictive Drums® Steven Slate Drums 4 Cakewalk® Session Drummer™ as well as General MIDI Standard MIDI Files which can be used with any GM compatible drum software or hardware --- this includes drum machines and synthesizers which have drum sounds. Platinum Samples and John Emrich are two of the foremost producers of drum samples in the world with over 50 years of experience in the professional music industry and now they have turned their attention to developing MIDI Grooves. Real Country was recorded by John Emrich on a Yamaha DTX900 electronic drum set.
  • 1 431 MIDI Grooves and Fills
  • Formatted for BFD2® EZdrummer® Superior Drummer® Addictive Drums® Cakewalk® Session Drummer™ SSD4 & *General MIDI Standard MIDI Files (all included)
  • Includes Grooves & Songs
  • Includes Tango Samba Bolero Calypso El Beguine Mozambique Bossa Nova Cha Cha Merengue Afro-Cuban Mambo La Rumba Songo La Conga & Pop Latin