Q Up Arts Kodish Drum n Bass EXS Loops feat. Paul Kodish [Download]

Q Up Arts


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Q Up Arts Kodish Drum n Bass EXS Loops feat. Paul Kodish [Download]

Kodish Drum n Bass CD-Audio Pure adrenaline Drum n Bass dance loops. Theres a unique drive and power to Kodishs playing; Kodish offers the machine-like energy of Drum n Bass with the emotional impact of real drums; a very powerful combination. Sub-sonic synth grooves and hits played by Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440) round out this disc. You've heard Kodish live and on recordings by Apollo 440, Chemical Brothers, Maximum Roach, Jean Michel Jarre remix concert. Sampler layouts offer complete control over each instrument/loop in the set. This enables access to only the hat loop or kick loop. Overhead and room mics were recorded on discreet tracks thus enabling user control over tight and dry or big and wet. Mixes of the entire groove are also included. Some loops are heavily processed and trashed out. A complete set of multi-sample single hits are also included.