Sabian Xs20 7 Piece Complete Set Brilliant Finish




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Sabian Xs20 7 Piece Complete Set Brilliant Finish
A Great Starter Set with a full set of cymbals including 16 and 18 crashes a 10 splash a 20 ride an 18 Chinese and a pair of 14 hi-hats. 16 and 18 crashes Combining the response of a thin model with the increased power of a medium weight these are highly versatile and effective crashes for any drummer. 10 splash The fast bright response from this small extra-thin cymbal is great for quick splashy punches and accents that cut in any music. 20 ride A tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash ensures a clean musical sound at all volumes with a mid-sized bell for playing solid grooves. 18 Chinese Raw nasty response is tonally tight and highly aggressive for playing bright but dirty ride or fast attacking accents. 14 hi-hats With a highly responsive medium weight top for accurate sticking response and a heavy bottom boosting clarity and cut this pairing is very versatile. Get into Xs20 with Sonically Matched pre-packs and feel good knowing your cymbals have been individually selected and matched for optimum performance by the specialists in the Sabian Vault. Crafted using an innovative manufacturing technique Xs20 delivers bright sounds professional looks and great feel at a nice price making this the ideal choice when you discover that sound matters.