Sample Logic Rumble System Blue Marching Battery Percussion [Download]

Sample Logic




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Rumble offers unprecedented control over sound and performance thanks to Sample Logic’s custom-designed Kontakt Player interface one of the most advanced Kontakt user interfaces to date. Building on the exclusive “multi-core effects sequencer” first introduced in their Cinematic Guitars collection Sample Logic puts complete customizable user control right at your fingertips from spatialization and sound-swirling effects to sequencers LFOs programmable arpeggiation a unique Rhythmic Articulator and a fully integrated multi-microphone mixer. Rumble also contains a newly invented loop engine that displays loop slices graphically and supports independent editing effects processing and real-time automation of each slice. All together Rumble boasts over 40 screens of powerful intuitive user interface controls!


  • A complete collection of traditional marching drum instruments (snares multi-tenors basses cymbals) recorded with multiple round-robins multiple dynamic levels and at three microphone distances.
  • A complete collection of evocative morphed “cinematic” instruments and loops.
  • Atmospheric/ambient soundscapes
  • Rhythmic/percussive tempo-synced loops
  • Tonal and percussive arpeggiated/articulated instruments
  • Sequenced instruments using the “core-effect sequencer”
  • Impacts big-hit ensembles and kits
  • Swipes scrapes and reverse transitional effects


  • Kontakt Player Free 4 or higher (also runs in the retail version of kontakt)
  • Mac: OS X 10.6 (latest update) 10.7 Intel Core Duo 2 GB RAM (Kontakt player 4 and higher)
  • Mac: Intel (Kontakt player 4 and higher) Compatible
  • PC: Windows 7 (latest Service Pack 32/64 Bit Inteo Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 2GB RAM
  • 5+ GB of free disk space