Secrets of the Pros Bundle: All 3 RMS Levels [Download]

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This is 2 series bundled together


Recording & Mixing Series

  • Level 1: 2+ hours to get you started.

(Previously titled From the Studio to Your Stereo: v 1, this title will take you through: setting up your studio (which is CRITICAL to getting great results), mics, recording basics, recording techniques for: vocals 101, bass, guitar, standard terminology, and more. It’s a must for beginners to make sure you are on the right track.)

  • Level 2: 2.5 hours of videos to take you deeper.

(Previously titled: From the Studio to Your Stereo: v 2, this title will show you: a basic overview of MIDI, editing, basic mixing skills, and show you a solid overview of how to use processing such as EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delays, and other powerful processing software to make your recordings sound great.)

  • Level 3: 3.5 hours of videos ... mid to pro level.

(Previously titled Modern Recording & Mixing, this title will go deeper into pro mixing techniques, studio set up, a comprehensive look into using MIDI, more about tracking vocals, drum kits, working with Loops, recording guitars, bass, and much more. Also it includes a section on acoustics you must see ... this is what earned us our reputation as an industry leader!)

Pro Recording & Mixing Series

  • Pro Recording and Mixing
    • (5+ hours of videos, hi def audio tracks, an in-depth look at
    • recording techniques and 3.5 hours of expert mix techniques.
    • It’s an incredible deal for this level of education. Click here for more info. )
    • We’ll take you in the studio where Dave Matthews, Metallica, and many others recorded hit records!
    • Hobbyist or Pro ... this is the ultimate mixing and recording training series.
  • Pro Series: Advanced Concepts v I
    • (This series is full of concepts you never thought or heard about,
    • but make a profound difference in your audio productions. It’s our
    • best content yet and comes highly recommended.

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