SolidGoldFX FunkBox Envelope Filter

SolidGold FX


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The SolidGoldFX FunkBox is the perfect envelope filter for someone seeking maximum versatility and simplicity. SGFX has absolutely loaded this pedal with features resulting in an almost endless variety of tones and textures while maintaining the warmth and organic feel you would expect from a SolidGoldFX pedal. Rather than supply you with the usual auto-quack box the tone of the FunkBox is reminiscent of a vintage Italian wah. The FunkBox is equipped with 3 knobs controlling the filter's response time sensitivity and resonance (Q) as well as a 6-way rotary switch to select your desired sweep and the pedal's frequency range. SGFX has also thrown in a sweep reverse foot switch that allows you to control the sweep direction on the fly. This foot switch is also equipped with a 2 color LED indicator to easily identify which direction you have currently selected. Finally as with all SolidGoldFX pedals the FunkBox features true bypass switching and comes with a beautiful clear bright LED indicator. Features: - Envelope filter with a very natural warm organic feel - 6-way sweep control - Response Sensitivity and Q controls - Sweep reverse foot switch with LED - True Bypass

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