Sonic Studio Manual DeClick II [Download]

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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Manual DeClick II is truly digital magic that save tracks mixes time and money. A key part of the NoNOISE II restoration bundle Manual DeClick II is an updated and improved version of the legendary restoration technology from Sonic. The Grammy® award winning NoNOISE technology set the standard by which all other restoration tool-sets are judged. And because NoNOISE II is built on the Sonic Studio Engine you can be certain that the processing is double-precision resulting in less quantization noise no timbral shifts and dramatically lower distortion and artifacts. Manual DeClick II is precise digital resynthisis technology unlike anything you've ever experienced. Manual DeClick II operates in the frequency domain seamlessly repairing audio that you may have given-up for unsavable.
Features Manual DeClicking II Repair Modes :
  • Type A — Period or harmonic spectral content
  • Type B — Non–harmonic or mixed spectral content
  • Type C — Period or harmonic spectral content with validated repair
  • Type D — Timbrally–matched content optimized for voic
  • Type E — Broad spectrum content distortion reduction
  • Production DeCrackle for background soundfile DeCrackle processing

  • Requirements
  • soundBlade LE SE or HD.