Sonic Studio Mastering EQ [Download]

Sonic Studio




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Mastering EQ has to be transparent. Your clients have already spent a lot of time and resources to get the right mix; and your processing shouldn't get in the way of that work - and your EQ should only clarify rather than color sound. And that's exactly what SonicStudio Mastering EQ does - it helps you get the most out of any recording without clouding it with '...character'. Transparency is especially important when you need to surgically notch out offending frequencies. Sonic Studio Mastering EQ gives you the confidence to know that you're effecting only the target frequency and nothing more.
  • 14 Filter topologies including 1st - 4th order parametrics shelving band pass notch RIAA Emphsis and more.
  • Metering & gain control to optimize signal level
  • Integrated dither and word length controls
  • Audio Units compliant; works with soundBlade SE soundBlade HD and production systems
  • such as Apple Logic MOTU Digital Performer REAPER Abelton and other AU compliant software.