Sonic Studio soundBlade All Access HD [Download]

Sonic Studio



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

All Access HD Annual Subscription
All Access HD provides users with access to Sonic Studio’s most sought-after processing plug-ins and ultra-resolution mastering system supporting sampling rates up to 384kHz 32-bit. Subscribers receive fully functional soundBlade HD equipped with NoNOISE 3 AU/VST Plug-in Broadband Denoise and Manual DeClick II Sonic Studio Mastering EQ and the renowned background processing application Sonic Studio Process. Also included are all software updates released by Sonic Studio and online technical support during the active term of the subscription.


The All Access HD mastering software and restoration package includes the following Sonic Studio Products:
  • soundBlade HD
  • Sonic Studio Global EQ
  • Sonic Studio Mastering EQ AU/VST Plug-in
  • DDP: Create & Open
  • NoNOISE 3 AU/VST Plug-in
  • NoNOISE Broadband DeNoise native
  • NoNOISE DeCrackle
  • NoNOISE Manual DeClick II
  • Sonic Studio Process
  • studioCare Online Technical Support
  • soundBlade Software Version 2.2
  • All new version updates and feature additions