Sonic Studio soundBlade LE 2.2 [Download]

Sonic Studio




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tabs up to $3,000

Bring studio-quality sound to your final masters. Experience an unprecedented level of detail and spaciousness from instruments and vocals! Listen for yourself how soundBlade provides exceptional sound along with the most comprehensive set of tools for mastering and delivery of 44.1K and newer high-resolution formats. With soundBlade you can burn CDRs and equally important create the industry’s most compliant DDP image files a surefire method for error–free manufacture of great sounding tracks.
  • Import edit and assemble music with increased soundstage and presence
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Imports AIFF WAV BWF and most compressed file formats
  • Global Sonic Mastering Peak and Shelving EQ
  • Sonic Mastering SRC and redithering
  • Real-time segment volume with -144db to +24 db range of control
  • Burn CDs and DDP 2.0 with CDTEXT support
  • Includes securePlayer encrypted master client reference player
  • The most transparent sound
  • Precision Editing
  • Always real-time processing
  • Export & deliver