Sony Detroit ChopShop SFX: 1-5 [Download]



"FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.?

Sony Creative Software is pleased to welcome The Detroit Chop Shop into our Sound Series catalog. The Chop Shop is now allied with some of the best music and sound design assets available anywhere. The ten-volume The Detroit Chop Shop Sound Effects Series is ready to empower you with the dynamic sound design you need to compete with the best of today's broadcast media.
With over a decade of dedicated sound effects production work under its belt The Detroit Chop Shop has emerged as one of today's best and most prolific producers of sound effects for professional applications. The Detroit Chop Shop Sound Effects Series Volumes One through Five opens with a gigabyte of general everyday sounds ranging from aerosol spray cans to zippers. This is followed by a thorough exploration of mostly man-made sounds presented across four additional volumes: Action; Industrial; Transportation; and Explosion Fire and Impact. In total the Volumes One through Five collection harbors more than 1 000 sound effects comprising more than four gigabytes of data selected and compiled exclusively for Sony Creative Software by the Chop Shop masters. When your projects require sound effects that achieve parity with those used by the broadcast industry's heavy hitters Sony Creative Software and The Detroit Chop Shop have you covered.
Sony Creative Software is dedicated to enriching the works of media content creators at every tier of the industry. Their software applications and content packages work hand-in-hand to create genuinely inspiring options for shaping digital media. Sony Creative Software Sound Series titles are designed for endless options and unbeatable workflow. their partnership with The Detroit Chop Shop is a pairing that builds on Their tradition of providing tools that make pro-level resources available to all in ways that make the hard work of media production a truly enjoyable experience.


  • Volume 1: General Sound Effects 1
  • Volume 2: Action
  • Volume 3: Explosion Fire and Impact
  • Volume 4: Industrial
  • Volume 5: TransportationAutomatic file mixing and conversion
  • Internet Connection (for Gracenote MusicID Service)