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When recording an instrument with more than one mic sound tends to reach each microphone at a slightly different time and thus cause some frequencies to cancel each other while other frequencies can build up unnaturally. This phenomena is known as the comb filter effect. Until now compensating for the delay between the microphones had to be done manually - an extremely time consuming and inaccurate process. Auto-Align will listen to your multi-mic recording and automatically measure and compensate for the delay between the microphones or between a DI box and a microphone - sample accurately significantly reducing the comb filter effect and dramatically improving the resulting sound. When distant microphones are used and a delay is desired to enhance the sense of space Auto-Align can time-place the microphones to better match the close-mic'ed source and therefore minimize the comb filter effect. Auto-Align can also automatically detect a reversed polarity mic and compensate for it.
  • Automatic Sample Accurate Time & Phase Alignment
  • Phase Polarity Detection
  • Alternate Matching Points for Improving Phase Correlation while Reserving Delay
  • Displays Distance in Samples Milliseconds Inches and Centimeters

  • Requirements
  • Auto-Align is available for Mac & PC in AAX RTAS VST and AU formats in 32 and 64 bits where applies.