Sound Radix Radical Bundle 2 Auto-Align, SurferEQ, Pi, Drum Leveler [Download]

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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Auto-Align + Pi + Surfer EQ + DrumLeveler together at a special bundled price!


Sound Radix Auto-Align Automatic Time Alignment Plug-in
Time-aligning a multi-microphone setup is crucial to achieve coherent and punchier sound. When recording an instrument with more then one mic sound tends to reach each microphone at a slightly different time and thus cause some frequencies to cancel each-other while other frequencies can build-up unnaturally.

Sound Radix Pi Phase Interactions Mixer
Pi is an innovative multi-channel phase interactions mixer plug-in engine for Mac and PC.
Pi works to improve the summing of a DAW or a mixer. Pi dynamically minimizes frequency cancellations between instruments within the mix improves mono compatibility and brings back the lost depth and focus lost when overlapping frequencies collide.
Good phase relationships between mixer tracks are a key to great sounding mix. Normally where mixer channels are summed into a single stereo mix bus instruments overlap and interact with each-other across the frequency range and phase position. Often a bass track could be temporarily out-of-phase with the kick or rhythm guitar tracks and when summed into a mix end up cancelling each-other over the overlapping frequency range causing a temporary hole in the low end. Similarly a snare track could end up sounding thin in a mix when the toms resonance are out of phase with the snare.

Sound Radix Surfer EQ
Up until now EQ's were set to a fixed frequency range. In reality fundamental frequencies and the harmonic series change with the pitch of the instrument or vocal track. This characteristic makes the standard fixed-frequency EQ less effective when it is used to manipulate the instruments/vocals harmonics.
SurferEQ tracks the pitch of the instrument or a vocal track and can change the EQ frequency accordingly in real-time making it possible for the first time to naturally control the fundamental frequencies or harmonics of a track. Just set any of the EQ bands to a desired harmonic and watch SurferEQ move with the track staying always relevant to the music.
When developing our original analog-behaving asymmetric EQ algorithms (No cookbook EQ here!) we've made every effort to preserve the size and energy of the original recording. SurferEQ sounds natural even when it is pushed to its extremes. In addition to the HP LP shelf and bell shaped filters we've developed a unique four mode harmonic filter. It takes on a whole new life when it moves with the pitch and makes it possible to achieve new sounds as never heard before.

Drum Leveler is a beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander. By selectively applying gain to single drum beats Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target level for each beat without affecting bleed noise.


  • Mac & PC in AAX RTAS VST and AU formats
  • in 32 and 64 bits where applicable.