Stompblox Modular Pedalboard Riser




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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Stompblox Modular Pedalboard Riser
Some effects can get lost or hard to reach when pedalboards get large. Stompblox Risers are modular risers that snap into Stompblox allowing pedals to be elevated for easy access. Each Riser can snap into one of six positions on the Stompblox and up to three Risers can be used on any single Stompblox. Pass throughs on the face and sides of each Riser make it easy to route cables. Stompblox Risers work with Stompblox and also with Stompblox Extend. (Stompblox not included)


  • All metal construction
  • Simple snap in mounting
  • Cable pass throughs
  • Connect up to three on each Stompblox
  • Each Riser can mount in one of six locations on Stompblox
  • Works with Stompblox and Stompblox Extend