Summit Audio TLA-50 Mini Tube Leveler (Open Box Unit)?



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"FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.?

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Ease of operationSmooth Summit character combined with straight-forward controls make the TLA-50 a favorite in even the most high end recording facilities and live rigs.Maximum flexibilityThe TLA-50 provides a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs allowing it to be integrated into almost any live or studio applications.It's a family affairThe TLA-50 uses the exact same compression cell as its big brother the TLA-100A giving you access to the same world-renowned compression sound the pros have been using for 25 years.Really well builtThe Summit Audio design philosophy considers the entire package when it comes to crafting gear. We pay special attention to the details of construction and have included many refinements over the years so units are durable enough to handle the rigors of the road. That's one of the reasons why you'll find Summit gear on tour with many of today’s top touring acts around the world.Easy to use.A primary design goal of the 2BA 221 was to provide an extreme amount of fine-tuning. One of the ways we achieve this is to allow you to variably adjust the mic input impedance. This opens up a wide variety of possible tones from a single microphone turning a small mic locker into a much larger one by letting you tweak the way each of your microphones sound! Hand-crafted in the USAEach piece of Summit gear is meticulously crafted by hand in our shop using only the best quality components and attention to detail. Quality components and engineering know-how are the critical element to the sound and longevity of audio gear.