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5 Instruments for Creative Music
Get all the instrument plugins from Tek'it Audio; 5 products in one comprehensive bundle for creative music production composition and sound design. Save 30% compared to price if bought individually.


Included in the bundle:
  • Arp-EG Classic- is a MIDI arpeggiator play arpeggio on all your instruments. All the VST instrument you like and even your hardware synth (using your DAW MIDI out) can now play arp sequence with Arp-EG.
  • APC punk console- a square wave synthesizer that creates fun low-fi sound and comes with users MODs. The APC circuit has become very popular in the DIY electronic music scene and now you can experiment it directly in your DAW.
  • DubSiren- is a siren synthesizer that creates fat siren sound by giving you full control over the sound and the help of the echo/ping-pong delay and the hard clipping distortion.
  • Genobazz Pro- is designed to be as simple to use than Genobazz but with more control over your sound better filters and a more effective modulation system to create a new range of sound for your music.
  • Genobazz R- the first anniversary edition of our monophonic bass synthesizer plugin with more bass more acid more fat sound inside. Genobazz R is ready to help you make your bass cry.

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