Ten Effects Howard Leese Signature Model Barracuda Flanger Pedal

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This is the real deal - a faithful reproduction of the classic flange tone heard on Heart's magnum opus, Barracuda.
Barracuda - in the music world the word evokes a feeling... it's not just a classic song it's the sensation of hearing that powerful riff knowing you're about to hear that unmistakable voice... that pounding kick drum that soaring melody and above all that killer guitar tone. History When Ryan Dunn first met Howard Leese it wasn't very far into their conversation that his inner geek came out and compelled him to ask all the fanboy questions that (we can only assume) he had heard a million times... and of course the first question was 'what flanger did you guys use on Barracuda?' The answer was surprising. A few of the details are murky but after having spoken with all the principals involved it goes something like this: In 1976 Roger Fisher asked (then) Heart equipment tech Rick Erickson to build an electronic flanging effect based on a circuit that was originally featured in Popular Electronics. Four units were built one each for Roger Howard Nancy Wilson and Rick kept one for himself. The same flanger was used on another Heart classic Mistral Wind. A custom hand-built effect.... Of course it made perfect sense - that's why no other flanger seemed to sound like the one on that classic recording. Armed with this information Ryan set about trying to capture that sound. There were a lot of stalls and dead ends but the end result is magical.

In keeping with the innovative nature of the original custom-made unit Ten Effects elected to add some features that the original didn't have... of course you can nail Barracuda but there are many more sounds waiting for true knob tweakers. It's taken a long time to get to this point but we can confidently state that this pedal is THE definitive effect for recreating the sound of that classic song. This is the one Howard Leese put his name on. This is the one that Nancy Wilson is using every night. This is the one EVERYONE heard at the induction of Heart into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Nothing else comes close and they’ve heard them all – Ryan even sought them out just to make sure he was on the right track and to compare and contrast... and while there are many great flangers out there there's only one BARRACUDA.


The Barracuda has four basic panel controls
  • Level - This control sets the output volume for the pedal. This is necessary because both the Depth and Regen controls can combine to affect the singal output in which case the Level control can be used to restore the signal output to match the input.
  • Depth - This controls the amount of affected signal that is mixed with the unaffected signal. The more Depth the more 'flangy' it sounds.
  • Regen - This controls the amount of Regeneration (also known as Feedback) in the circuit. The 'jet engine' flange sounds are achieved by increasing the regeneration. Rate - This controls the rate of oscillation. The higher the rate the faster the pedal will cycle through the sweep of the flange