Ultimate Support UR-6LTH Duracase Audio Rack Series ABS Rolling Rackmount case

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Ultimate Support UR-6LTH Duracase Audio Rack Series ABS Rolling Rackmount case
DuraCase rolling audio racks feature a dual-wheel design (four wheels total) for maximum strength and stability under heavy loads. The hard rubber wheels are durable and smooth for running over carpet, concrete, and uneven surfaces. The 18.75” handle retracts into the case with a low profile that doesn't protrude from the case bumpers. Note that the wheel and handle mechanism takes up the bottom-most space in each rack, reducing the useable rack spaces by 1U.

All DuraCase audio racks feature fully functional rear rails in addition to the usual front rail. Rear spaces can be used for mounting power strips, connector plates, antennas, strain relief (lacer bars), accessories, or any other rearward-facing gear. They also enable deep or heavy gear to be securely mounted on both ends.

No custom, fiddly clip-on nuts or adapters are needed to utilize each space in a DuraCase rack; every hole is pre-tapped with industry-standard 10-32 threads. What's more, individual rails can be easily replaced should they become damaged or stripped, adding to the longevity of a DuraCase rack.

Ultimate Support ships every DuraCase rack with a packet of rack screws and washers to immediately mount and go

The front and rear covers on every DuraCase audio rack have an embedded vinyl gasket and tongue-in-groove seal for a tight fit that keeps out the elements and keeps gear dust-free.

DuraCases are made with tough ABS thermoplastic for low weight and high impact resistance. The stackable design is very stable, allowing cases of different sizes to be combined to create custom configurations.


  • Dual Rubber Wheels and Retractable Handle
  • Front and Rear Rails
  • Tapped Rack Rails are Field Replaceable
  • Rack-mounting Hardware Included
  • Tight, Vinyl-insert Gasket Seals on Lids
  • Stackable ABS Molded Shells