UnO for KEMPER firmware EPROM for Behringer FCB1010

Uno for Kemper



FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Way back in 2013 the Kemper team asked us to develop dedicated FCB1010 firmware for controlling the Kemper Profiler. This way they could offer Profiler owners a user friendly remote control solution, in attendance of the release of their own Kemper Remote. Thanks to the good cooperation with the Kemper R&D team, they were able to implement optimal interoperability between FCB1010 and Profiler through this dedicated firmware chip. Even today the UnO4Kemper equipped FCB1010 remains an extremely cost effective remote control solution, which still gets full support of the Kemper team.


  • No programming required ! Power on and get started. It’s as simple as that.
  • Customizable if needed. A simple 2-click procedure lets you specify the stomp switches on the floorboard.
  • Full 2-way communication with the Profiler: LEDs reflect the correct slot and effect states at all time!
  • The Kemper tuner is controlled from the FCB1010 and shown on the FCB1010 display!
  • Built-in support for Kemper specific features like performance mode, beat scanner, morphing...